How To Make Better Travel Videos?

Picture this! Everything is perfect, the weather is great, more beautiful than you can imagine. You want to share this with people, why not have it be great?


First thing, you need to go out and get some B-Roll which is all the amazing background footage you would need to amplify your final video. It’s all that detailed footage that you’re going to capture which you might have missed out on if you weren’t there. This might not be that interesting by itself but once you add an awesome sound track with your audio talk of sharing your personal reflection on the entire experience they are going to end up looking and sounding complete and very interesting.It helps paint the whole picture of your travel experience.


Make It Interactive

One of the hardest things to do while shooting travel videos is talking to the camera & looking at it’s little camera eye. However, the easiest way to do this and sound casual is by asking questions and making yourself answer in complete sentences. What’s even better than asking yourself these questions is, making someone else ask you the questions. So let’s say you’re at a beach and you talk about how in that exact moment you are feeling, imagine that audio as an overlay with the video of your beach and those awesome B- Roll footage that you captured along with some killer background music. Talking or asking your self questions sounds very basic but it’s a great way to hook your viewers from the beginning of your video.


Hold Your Camera Steady

This is the most basic thing but most important. You’ll never realise how much of a difference this makes until you look at your videos later on it in a bigger screen and by the time you realise that your sudden jerk has ruined that perfect pan shot of the sunset, it’s too late. If you cannot hold the camera steady then you can put it on the ground or a table and if none of this is near you then you can hold your camera against the support of a wall or place it on a rock.


Why so serious?

You need to limit the amount of facts you’re throwing into the camera especially in travel videos unless of course you’re an expertise in doing so. A lot of beginners’ travel videos have boring facts in them & people don’t watch travel videos for this. They watch it to have some fun, laugh and kind of forget that they’re on the bus for a few minutes. We’ve all been there.

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Use some interesting angles when you’re shooting the video. So instead of shooting everything in eye level use your camera or GoPro to shoot it in different angles. Try placing the camera in the ground with you in the background and the foreground out of focus or put the camera up for a higher angle. Just experiment & play with the camera. Sometimes set it down and walk past it. If you’re always holding the camera in front of you it get’s boring for the viewers real quick.


Keep Cutting

Don’t get attached to your videos. You need to get into the habit of chopping more and more away and leaving yourself only that tiny bit of moment that’ll be a treat for the viewers. Learning to be brutal to what you don’t want to show your audience is one of the hardest things you need to learn to do.


Show Dont Tell

Most of us are guilty for this. Instead of holding the camera pointing yourself and telling the camera what you’re doing, show it to them. That’s why we are working with video in the first place.