How To Capture Stunning Diving Videos?

Fins, Mask, Tank, …Go Pro OK, OK, OK

Ready to take the plunge and make a Pro Scuba video, here are our few expert tips to shoot your diving videos:

Your battery is likely to run out in an hour-so make sure you make a mental record of what you need to shoot. Remember to put off the camera after you are done taking your shot. Very often you end up losing the best shots because your camera continued to stay on.

A great shot to begin with is taking a selfie as you do the back flip into the water.

The GoPro helps you get close, really close to your subject while scuba diving. So while shooting marine life or selfies under water, stay at arm’s length to avoid distortions. Unless that’s the intention ?

Make dive buddy your best friend and gopher if you are planning on directing your scuba diving video. Make your own hand signals so that he understands where to shine the light, pirouette under water or whatever floats your boat to make the video look like fun.

Make sure you use a Floaty Backdoor. If you lose it in Miami it will definitely surface in the Maldives. And that ladies and gentlemen, is one way to make your videos go viral.

Use the right filter for the right depth. By that we mean a light filter and not a water filter. The sea is consistently salty irrespective of the depth.