How Video Can Make Your Next Presentation Stand Out?

Does your presentation slides look outdated? Whether you’re a small business looking to create a presentation for sales or a large business creating presentations for training and internal purposes, you want to be able to put together something that is informative, engaging, and looks great. Whether it is an elevator pitch or a business presentation, making a big impact is crucial. Since powerpoint is one of the oldest and widely used softwares, most of us tend to believe that it’s either the best option or our only option. 


With the business scenario evolving everyday, videos provides your business with a chance to display your company’s personality, virtues and wares in living colour, making it available to anyone with a screen, and the slightest interest in what you have to offer. If you are trying to build a relationship with potential investors, customers or key vendors, the best possible way to leave a long lasting impression is through these short and crisp video pitches. Best yet you don’t have to be a professional or hire one, to produce remarkable and actionable content. There are tons of books and online articles that provide tricks, tips and strategies you need to create visual content with your mobile phones or a basic DSLR.


According to research by Mayer & Anderson, video presentations stimulate both the auditory and visual senses in the brain which increases the information retention rate by 74%. A video presentation or a video pitch is useful for employees and companies in all stages of the business cycle, but the most beneficial are startups. When you first start a company, not everyone is familiar with what your company does, it’s message or service. With a video pitch, you can create a voice for your company and showcase your story, which will help viewers to instantly connect with the company. In addition to effectively communicating your messages, a video presentation is memorable and sharable. Employees can more easily retain the information from the video and can share it with prospects as well. Videos also give you the option to present using animated characters and to introduce yourself or your product using ‘story telling’ rather than ‘fact telling’. ​ Most importantly, you can create short animated video clips from your presentations and embed them into your website, driving more traffic to your domain.

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